Written by Katherine Lawrence
Directed by Jon Kroll

Kulai brings the Hypernauts to meet the Sacul, a life form powerful enough to maybe be able to hold back the Triiad. The Sacul test the three by creating the illusion that they were found by their old commanding officer Sgt. Needham. Needham, now an admiral in the illusion, forms an alliance with the Triiad and Paiyin. The Hypernauts risk their lives to save Kulai, the gloose and Earth against the Triiad and thus show the Sacul that they are worthy allies.

The Hypernauts return to the Star Ranger with the promise that the Sacul would help them in their battle against the Triiad when the time was right.

Back on Earth, the real Needham voices his anger at the fact that all searches for the Hypernauts have been ended. He chooses to set out on his own and find them.