Written by Katherine Lawrence
Directed by Janet Creek

The Star Ranger begins to run low on water, so the Hypernauts use an ATV with a loading scoop to load the Flap Jack with ice from a nearby planet and bring it to the Star Ranger.

As Ace returns to the Star Ranger with his first run of ice, Max and Sharkey are stranded below the surface of the ice when it breaks through and they, along with the ATV, fall to the tunnels under them.

They find an ancient space craft with a warning in the tunnels.

The tunnels turn out to be home for giant heat seaking worms.

Ace uses the Flap Jack's engines to create heat and draw the worms to the surface. Max and Sharkey follow. After Ace leads the worms away, he returns to pick up the two hypernauts and escape.

They return to the Star Ranger having gathered enough water to last another two years.