Written by Richard Mueller
Directed by Jon Kroll

A low tech level world is in the path of a Triiad prospector probe. The Hypernauts and Kulai go to warn the planet's people. On the planet, they find large flying creatures called mantas that are invisible to their sensors. They also encounter the local people, the Hokita, who live on large blimp-like vessels. They use the manta's for food and fuel.

Kulai warns the Hokita about the Triiad and persuades them that they must take action against the probe. Meanwhile, Max follows a theory that the mantas are intellegent like the whales of earth had proven to be.

Kulai and the Hypernauts manage to communicate with the creatures and convince them to use their invisibility to help cloak the Hokita and their vessels. The mantas swarm around their vessels and succeed in convincing the probe there is nothing on their planet to take.

The Hokita and the mantas enter into a new peace. The Hokita decide to return back to the planets surface for hunting and use the nearby volcanos as the mantas do to maintain their flight.