Written by Larry DiTillio
Directed by Jon Kroll

The Hypernauts go to the local trade planet, Vekara, to repair and update the ship and mechsuits after a conflict with the Triiad. They also go to warn the inhabitants of the Triiad's presence in their sector.

The people of Vekara do not believe Kulai's warnings.

Kulai leaves the Hypernauts to catch up with one of the survivors of her planet who she finds at the planet's trade bazaar. The man she finds is excited to have found his people's chalim. She informs him she must stay with the Hypernauts, but she will return to her people soon.

While the Hypernauts are alone, Paiyin finds them and sets a trap. Kulai goes to their aid and with the new weapons added to their mechsuits, they defeat the Triiad forces and escape. The battle warns the people of Vekara that the Triiad's presence is real and gives them time to strengthen their defenses.