Written by Christy Marx
Directed by Leslie B. Hill

Three cadets, Ace, Max, and Sharkey, of the Academy of Galactic Exploration were given a disciplinary assignment for "Infractions against the Academy's rules." Their assignment was to bring back a spy satelite--space junk a couple hundred years old.

The satelite was found to be still active and began to self destruct when the Hypernauts bumped into the machine. To escape the explosion, the Hypernauts launched into a hyperbubble without the guidance of thier computer which was scrambled by energy from the satelite.

They found themselves lost in an unexplored area of space with no idea of how to get home. Before they could search for a way home, a space craft raced past them. The craft was chased by two other space craft. The first alien ship destroyed the two persuers and then spiraled out of control. When the space craft crashed on a near by planet the Hypernauts followed to find survivors and to have a "first contact" with an alien race.

On the planet they found a wild gloose (a three legged animal), Kulia, the alien who piloted the space craft, and Paiyin, the traitor who lead the Triiad to the destruction of Kulia and his world. With the help of the three cadets, Kulia defeated the Triiad on the planet and escaped.