Carrie Dobro

This is part of an interview from Sci-fi Talk.

Q You have appeared in make up before (Babylon 5 / Crusade). You were in Hypernauts, which I thought was a neat series.

A It was a great little series. You know what happened right ?

Q I don't know the whole story.

A I thought it was more of a teen show than a kid show. Unfortunately while we were filming Disney bought ABC and we were told that all Saturday morning programs was now going to be Disney. That was kind of a shuffle in that direction. It wasn't artistic differences or that they didn't like the show but "We're putting on our shows."

Q I understand that the Disney Channel has aired some of the episodes combined.

A They took four episodes and put them together. They ran it as a movie for a while.

Q Nice memories from doing the show ?

A That show was so much fun. That was interesting because it was a lot more prosthetics. It was the first time that I had ever worn prostethics. I would get there way before anyone else like at five in the morning. Nobody would ever be there. We'd shoot an episode in two days. Nobody knew what I looked like. I remember that once I had a half day and went down on the set and no one knew who I was until I laughed. I have a very distinctive laugh. Everyone would go, my God, that's Carrie. The other thing that was odd was that you get in all this prosthetics stuff, and on that set, everybody else was human except for Ran and Ran wasn't there every day. You would sit when you were not working and have these intense conversations with people. Then I would walk by them on the way to the john or my dressing room, and I would see myself in the mirror and I would say, Oh My God, this what they think they're talking to. Because I would always forget. It was very very very odd..I remember actually meeting someone at a party who was one of the editors on the show whom I never met. I met him at a party with a friend of mine who is a director who worked on editing on a film that I was also in as a human. He heard my voice and said, "Oh My God, That's who she is." He came up to me at a party and said, I can't believe we never met. It was a riot. You forget wearing all that prosthetic that people don't know what you look like. Bruce (Boxleitner) had never seen me out of make up. I had never seen him without his grey hair. On the very last day of A Call To Arms, We both went to the goodbye party and looked at each other at the same time and said "So that's what you look like". You spend hours upon hours with these people and they don't know. It's very odd.

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