These are links to sites that cover some of the people who worked with the HYPERNAUTS. It is impossible not to link to BABYLON 5 sites (if it were so desired) since the HYPERNAUTS share a connection with B5 in acting, writing and special effects. Much of the magic that went into the universe of BABYLON 5 can be seen in the "universe of action and adventure" of the HYPERNAUTS. Any e-mails giving the addresses to sites that showcase the talents of those who were involved with the HYPERNAUTS are always welcome.

Christy Marx: Writer

Katherine Lawrence

Foundation Imaging

Heidi Lucas Fan Site

...A Salute To Heidi Lucas...

Carrie Dobro Reference Site

Crusade Babes On The Web

The Lurker's Guide to BABYLON 5

InterStellar Network News Crusade


Crusade - The Quest for Life

Hypernauts a Titles & Air Dates Guide

If you know of any other sites dedicated to the HYPERNAUTS or the people who have worked with the show, please send an e-mail so that it may be considered for the links page.



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